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Hello, I'm Gabriela

Your podcast manager, and productivity expert. Nice to meet you.

After 10+ years helping companies in the service and education fields reach their goals I decided it was about time to pursue mine, and let God guide me.

Today I serve Christ-led businesses optimize their podcast strategy and go from A to Z seamlessly and with purpose.

About me

What They’re Saying

I was far more impressed with Gabriela’s tools and resources that I had been with the course of a big name podcaster I’d previously invested in. I went from novice to knowledgeable following Gabriela’s simple, step by step framework to starting a podcast. I now feel confident I’m making the right decisions in building and launching my podcast.

Caroline McMillan

I just finished going through your workbook. Amazing!


Gabriela puts care into every single project & deeply values showing up at her best […] my business not only feels safe having her as an integral part of it, but her being part of my team is honestly quite essential for operating with ease and excellence.

Photo of a woman smiling. She is wearing a blue shirt and the background is an outdoor scene
Erin Riley

The Podcast launch guide Gabriela put together was SO comprehensive! It was obvious to me that she’d put a TON of hard work into this resource. I would definitely recommend this resource for anyone looking to launch a podcast!

A woman standing outdoors, she is wearing a light blue sweater and smiling at the camera. Her hair is blonde and the background shows a yellow field.
Monica Pattillo Mangelson

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